Ian Trainor is the owner of Maiden Stone, which he setup in July 2016.


Maiden Stone was born from Ian’s desire to provide the people of Southland with a variety of choice when it comes to monumental design. Having served the local community as a funeral director, he is well suited to helping the bereaved make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a permanent memorial.

Ian has an artistic flair and many of the unique headstones seen around the cemeteries of Southland would most likely have been designed by Ian.

Pet memorials is another area that Ian is closely linked to. Having to say goodbye to his beloved pet dog Bella in 2015, he soon realized there is no monumental masons providing products that can memorialize a loved pet and companion. Ian has researched with local and overseas suppliers and now can offer a full range of products, so that everyone can remember their faithful companion for many years after their passing.


Ian has also become a stockist for stone statuary, which can be utilized with a memorial or become a garden feature. If he doesn’t have what you’re looking for in stock, just ask him to order it in for you.

Most items can be delivered to your place within 3 - 4 working days.

Ian is happy to provide free, no obligation quotes and will discount further any quotes from other monumental masons.


"You don’t accept quotes from one builder, so why accept one quote from monumental masons"


"Thank you so much for the wonderful  job you did of my Mum’s headstone, the whole family thought it was beautiful."

- Carole

"Ian recently undertook the refurbishment of my fathers headstone from the Eastern cemetery where it had been since 1966. After you worked your magic it looks brand new. We are delighted

with the result and would happily endorse your workmanship to anyone."

- Ray Robb, Ohoka

"Thank you so much Ian for the amazingly wonderful job you did on Serafina's plaque. My friends and I absolutely loved how good it looked."

- Marie Smith

"Thank you so much Ian for going out of your way to get the best for our dearest brother. God bless xo"

- Serifina Lavea

"I would highly recommend the workmanship of Maiden Stone. Have just had my father’s RSA plaque restored and it looks Brilliant!"

- John Miller